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Set of Cufflinks, Ring and Neckless

Wormhole: Welcome

The black and white holes, they might be far apart, but are they really? It depends only on you and how do you feel about the wormholes. Are they closer to an infinite distance apart or is the separation equal to zero? Your perception of the reality defines it.

Then the question is – what does the commonly used representation of a wormhole even represent? Infinity, zero or both at the same time? The choice is yours! One day you too can find your perfect black hole to channel your energy through, receiving everything you ever wish for on the other, white hole, side.

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The number of the Wormhole sets is limited to one per each of the Krūmiņš Jewellery colours (green, red and white) represented by the 14k green and rose gold, and platinum. The interest can be expressed for any of the three colours.

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