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Moon ring close-up


Set of Ring and Neckless

Moon: Welcome

There is no need to dwell on the size ratios of the earth, sun and moon, and the distances in-between. The same applies to the gravitational effects applied to the earth by the moon – the numbers are out there in the mainstream science for you to enjoy. At the same time the rotational velocities, and how the moon is always facing us with its favourite side, is something truly astounding.

Imagine a person or even a friend who you have only seen from one side… Well, it might not be so hard lately, with all the digital meetings on the flat screens… But how does the moon even do that? One glance at your arm, and you are back at the lifelong brainstorming about how exactly does it all stay together with the same relative distances apart.

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The number of the Moon sets is limited to one per each of the Krūmiņš Jewellery colours (green, red and white) represented by the 14k green and rose gold, and platinum. The interest can be expressed for the green and red colours.

Moon: Text
Moon set close-up
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