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Give your name a Whirl

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The Whirls are shaped by the feelings that emerge while sculpting them. The curves, that these are made of, have their own challenges and aspirations – they live their own lives. Any curve strives to form a beautiful vortex, or at very least, to reside within a stable torus. Here it is captured in the moment when it is thinking of you. There is no beginning and there is no end – it just flows through the form of your name.

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Most wear their Whirls as a necklace. There is no limit to your imagination, combine yours with a clothing article or wear it as a bracelet. As standalone sculptures these are offered without a chain. Visit your favourite jeweller to acquire the chain that is perfect for you.

Good things come to those who wait! These are manufactured to order and will take a considerable time, so please plan your experience accordingly.

By dreaming of your name as a Whirl, you are nearing to the inevitable – it being among the ones that are already a part of the constantly growing Whirl collection.

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