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Flow of energy

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Ideas live while they are being nurtured! To manifest and remain in our physical reality, they must crystallise in a fixed form. Otherwise, before we know it, the idea will morph and become something else entirely – totally unrecognisable.

This paragraph is surrounded by design process of the Flow Ring.

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I have been appreciating beauty of objects surrounding us since my early childhood. Enjoying my art school days and craftly evenings at home, where I used to create pieces of jewellery out of shed antlers. I remember vividly, the light falling on the embossed name ‘Rīga’, on the side of my mini sized vice, and the scent created by sawing, drilling and filing the bits of antler…

At the time of choice, I followed the serene feeling of drafting by hand, which was still used in the architecture at the time. Now I am spending my days in an R&D environment, generatively designing and digitally sculpting ‘impossible’ shapes, that look as if created by nature, rather than anything that can live within rectangles of the Cartesian coordinate system. I wonder, how different the world would look, if any other coordinate system would be taught to our young.

Creating objects in the full spectrum of sizes has always felt only natural to me, as how can you appreciate your reality if you cannot recreate it? What I do not understand yet, is not created by magic – the time will come when vortices will reveal themselves.

Join the truth-seeking journey through the jewellery articles I create.

Valdis Krūmiņš

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Valdis Krūmiņš
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Solo Exhibition

My first solo exhibition took place at the Art Gallery Apsīda (August to September, 2023) curated by Dzintra Hāze, located in the heart of Vecrīga (Old Town Riga), Latvia.

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