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Bikini set close-up


Set of Rings

Bikini: Welcome

There are no wet and salty grains of sand between the digital pages of a live document. Try to remember that lovely holiday feeling filled with the careless freedom and ease… Once you feel it you are experiencing it! We feel what we consciously choose as long as we are presently awake. It is all about our attention and what it is currently attending to.

With a physical token reminding you of the dreamy and heated moments on the beach – these feelings get amplified and spread like a wildfire. Those digital pages will never feel the same again.

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Bikini: Pro Gallery

The number of the Bikini sets is limited to one per each of the Krūmiņš Jewellery colours (green, red and white) represented by the 14k green and rose gold, and platinum. The interest can be expressed for any of the three colours.

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Bikini: Image
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